Smartparking has recently released a new progressive method of registration that allow customers to pay for parking without creating an account. This progressive registration process is great for people that prefer one-off parking sessions.

The system will generate you a guest receipt at the point of purchase; these transactions do not merge with your regular registered account. Users will need to rely on emailed receipts for items relating to ticket dispute and end of year tax submissions.

Note: If you transact in guest mode and close the app, you may not see the countdown clock when you relaunch the app (this is device specific). Be careful: this doesn't mean the session didn't already start! We are cautioning customers to pay close attention to the transaction confirmation screen. If you sign in to your regular registered account after transacting in guest mode, the session will not be displayed. You can review your receipt or call customer service to check if the payment already posted.

In the case of duplication, the refund policies  will vary by vendor. Please review our support article for further information.  

Each platform will give you the option to SIGN IN, REGISTER, or Continue as Guest. A notification appears alerting customers when they are in Guest mode  

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